Gluten Free
Zero Sugar


Traditional Tomato Sauce

Available in 330 g packaging.

Tomatoes are a food rich in nutrients like quercetin and vitamin E, and also have a very important bioactive compound – lycopene. This substance is able to prevent prostate cancer and the formation of free radicals. The best way to consume tomatoes to enjoy the benefits of lycopene, is in the form of sauce, because heating makes this substance bioavailable to be well absorbed by the body. When it comes to the sauce extracted from organic tomatoes, its effectiveness and nutritional value are even greater.

Ingredientes: Organic tomato, organic onion, concentrated puree of organic tomato, organic parsley, organic demerara sugar, salt, organic chives, garlic powder, thickened xanthan gum and acidic citric acid.


  • Made with 6.5 organic tomatoes.
  • Certified organic product – 99% organic ingredients.
  • Rich in polyphenols.
  • Product ready for consumption.

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