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Jasmine products, for all of your family,
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Jasmine wants to motivate changes in life, which is why it offers products totally focused on promoting health, pleasure and well-being. There are over 150 items produced with carefully chosen raw materials, 100% natural, whole grain, lactose free, cholesterol and trans-fat free ingredients as well as free of all additives that are harmful to both men and the environment.


Develop and spread food that promotes health and well-being, respecting people and the environment, contributing to society’s improved way of life.


Be a reference for whole grain, natural and organic foods, maintaining leadership with market participative growth.



Innovation: Creating products with added value, anticipating the consumer’s desires;

Sustainability: respecting the environment, consumer, collaborator (employee), supplier and society;

Social Responsibility: developing organic products and performing fair trade;

Integrity and Commitment: collaborators committed to the objectives and company ideals. (consumer satisfaction/ robust partnerships);

Satisfaction with quality products;

Innovation with socio-environmental responsibility.

With constant technological researches, a pioneering spirit and a commitment to well-being, Jasmine was the first company to pack whole grain rice and other cereals, produce granola, bring quinoa to Brazil, make innovative and delicious whole grain cookies, create the only stabilized golden flax seed flour and organic baby food, as well as gaining a number of certificates in the organic, diet and functional product segments.

Innovative, nutritious and healthy solutions for those who want a wholesome life.


Offer safe and high-quality products, with competitive variables, aiming at conquering and winning our client’s loyalty.
Promote continuous improvement, in search of new technologies for processes and products.
Offer collaborators constant development and improvement to create a favorable environment for teamwork.
Contributing towards making it possible for future generations to enjoy a better world. From its foundation in the beginning of the 90s, Jasmine Foods has been committed primarily to society: offering products that contribute towards healthy and natural eating habits, generating well-being.

Throughout our history, we have accumulated important certificates in the organic, diet and functional segments. Working with carefully selected raw material, free of chemical additives or other elements that can be harmful to humankind or the environment.

Within the market policy, we propose to stimulate the fair trade discussion in Brazil and generate opportunities for small producers. We support sustainable company practices in all of our actions. We seek to promote operational activities that reduce environmental impact and stimulate innovation that can bring both environmental and social benefits.
  • Promoting social and economic well-being
  • Environmental responsibility: preserving natural resources, sustainable use of biodiversity
  • Respect in relationships
  • Employee health and safety
  • Individual appreciation and equal rights.